Rave Reviews

“Kathleen Anderson Ross is an inspired and inspiring teacher and human being. It has been my great pleasure to have learned from and been nurtured by her for more than 20 years.” –K.

"Loved receiving your great attitude;  where can I buy your stock?!" –D.B.

“Kathleen has been counseling me with my health for over 25 years. Her warmth, wisdom, spontaneity and healing heart are a gentle guide to lighting my own path. I am so grateful to Kathleen for being both my lamplighter and friend. Her nature is to nurture and assure.” RR

“She’s like Martha Stewart for the natural crowd!” –A.S.

“Reading this blog is like a vacation for the soul, a boost for the mind and a plan for a better life and body.  I love it!  It helps me so much!  Thank you!” JA

“For sharing your years of experience and knowledge on living a more organic healthier life.Your educational Website and wonderful pictures
are a great reminder of all the beauty around us.And it’s fun too. We luv the Dragonfly." P. and T. S.

“Kathleen Anderson Ross is a genuine and true Healer. With her unique loving combination of compassion, intellect and intuition she will help you learn to unlock your soul and find your own truth & your own bliss.” –M.S.

"Kathleen has been a true inspiration to me for at least twenty years.  Totally non-judgmental, yet incredibly encouraging, Kathleen is a great teacher to me.  Every time I have a conversation with her, my day brightens.  AND!  Often I feel her strong loving energy at times I cannot speak to her. Grateful I am for her." Deborah Joeen Carter

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