Think Like A Healer

By Kathleen Anderson on Jul 02, 2015 at 01:41 PM in For Health Practitioners

When you think like a healer, you know that there are many solutions for any problem or challenge. You see the world as bursting with opportunity for positive change and evolution. You make your choices, to paraphrase Nelson Mandela, from hope, not fear. This includes all of your choices from the food that you eat to the activities you engage in. You begin to understand and seek out balance. You enjoy more in life without any reason for regret. You become kinder, happier and more focused on what you want in life. You take responsibility in good way because you know you have the freedom of choice in all things. Life is like a pleasant ride with a brass ring around every corner: Whether or not you decide to pull the brass ring, it is still a satisfying, highlighted experience.

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