Why the Next 10 years of Your Life are More Important Than the Last 10

By Kathleen Anderson on Aug 20, 2015 at 12:13 PM in For Labs and Modalities

The answer to this one is liberating. The reason the next 10 years are more important than the last 10 is that you can do something about the next 10. With every choice you make in every moment about everything in your life, from right now going forward, this is the most crucial time in your life.

You get to ask yourself, “If I want to create the life of my dreams and the best health ever, what changes do I have to make? What has to happen in my life for me to be happy? What can I do about it?

You can make the next 10 years of your life, the life of your dreams. Go for it!
If you need help, please contact me and we will set up a plan together.

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